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NameRegistered byTypeTime slotStart timeEnd timeRegister dateVacancies (online)
Diverse BrettspieleKaspiBoard game eventSamstag nachmittags2015-07-04 14:002015-07-04 18:302015-06-28 13:58:090/0View
Dämmerung - ein offenes tremulus Szenario in den 1920ernSörenRole play eventDonnerstag abends2015-07-02 19:00-2015-06-04 15:20:213/3View
Fremde HorizonteTenorRole play eventSamstag abends2015-07-04 19:00-2015-06-02 12:09:013/5View
nWoD: WaldjugendtagAndreas (Atando)Role play eventFreitag abends2015-07-03 19:00-2015-05-29 15:30:000/4View
Codename: IndigoHarlequinRole play eventSamstag nachmittags2015-07-04 14:002015-07-04 18:302015-05-20 13:44:510/4View
Codename: IancatosHarlequinRole play eventFreitag nachmittags2015-07-03 14:002015-07-03 18:302015-05-12 10:05:285/5View
Codename: Iancatos - CharackterbauHarlequinRole play eventFreitag vormittags2015-07-03 09:002015-07-03 12:002015-05-12 10:03:445/5View
Übernahme der Flüster-BasisHeimiRole play eventFreitag nachmittags2015-07-03 14:002015-07-03 18:302015-05-11 15:13:580/3View
Mittagessen am FreitagThomasMisc eventFreitag mittags2015-07-03 12:002015-07-03 14:002015-05-10 12:20:076/10View
Rat CircusKaspiRole play eventDonnerstag abends2015-07-02 19:00-2015-04-19 17:50:420/3View
SamstagsspaziergangTenorMisc eventSamstag vormittags2015-07-04 09:002015-07-04 13:002015-03-25 14:49:339/10View


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