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NameRegistered byTypeTime slotStart timeEnd timeRegister dateVacancies (online)
"Das darf niemand lesen"ShevekRole play eventBlock IV2016-06-05 11:002016-06-05 16:002016-06-01 22:35:502/4View
Mutant Year ZeroDas TorfuRole play eventBlock III2016-06-04 23:00-2016-05-28 05:55:391/3View
Unknown Armies - Ein Rollenspiel um Macht und KonsequenzenDas TorfuRole play eventBlock II2016-06-04 17:302016-06-04 22:302016-05-27 10:53:073/3View
Earthdawn: Die MitternachtsdiebeBenRole play eventBlock II2016-06-04 17:302016-06-04 22:302016-05-26 18:45:130/3View
Earthdawn: Sturm über WolfsbergBenRole play eventBlock I2016-06-04 11:002016-06-04 16:002016-05-26 18:22:550/3View
BrettspieleMichael VoglBoard game eventBlock II2016-06-04 17:302016-06-04 22:302016-05-25 09:01:390/0View
Paranoia: Vapors Don't Shoot BackAskeladdRole play eventBlock IV2016-06-05 11:002016-06-05 16:002016-05-24 19:53:200/3View
Eine Reise auf SeeKevinRole play eventBlock I2016-06-04 11:002016-06-04 16:002016-05-24 19:50:460/3View
Hollow's Last Hope (In English)RebeccaRole play eventBlock IV2016-06-05 11:002016-06-05 16:002016-05-24 19:41:025/5View
Splittermond: Die Vergessene StadtSecieRole play eventBlock II2016-06-04 17:302016-06-04 22:302016-05-24 18:41:420/3View
Angriff der RhabarbermänneronnotaslerRole play eventBlock I2016-06-04 11:002016-06-04 16:002016-05-11 20:37:261/3View
CargoSvenRole play eventBlock IV2016-06-05 11:002016-06-05 16:002016-05-08 17:35:412/4View
Gewinn den FleischklopsChristianRole play eventBlock II2016-06-04 17:302016-06-04 22:302016-05-08 12:35:080/3View
SpacetaleMarcelRole play eventBlock II2016-06-04 17:302016-06-04 22:302016-05-06 09:36:400/3View
Immer wieder SonntagsKalanniRole play eventBlock IV2016-06-05 11:002016-06-05 16:002016-05-02 11:33:022/4View
Eine Stadt im WaldMarcelRole play eventBlock IV2016-06-05 11:002016-06-05 16:002016-05-01 19:35:320/2View
50 Jahre (nuklearer) Winter und kein Ende in Sicht...JanusRole play eventBlock I2016-06-04 11:002016-06-04 16:002016-04-30 20:54:571/3View
Numenéra - The Nightmare SwitchqueeryRole play eventBlock IV2016-06-05 11:002016-06-05 16:002016-04-28 12:41:560/3View
6 Mann auf des TotanmannskisteRainerRole play eventBlock IV2016-06-05 11:002016-06-05 16:002016-04-28 09:57:282/6View
The Walking DeadRainerRole play eventBlock III2016-06-04 23:00-2016-04-28 09:43:251/6View
Erben für AnfängerRainerRole play eventBlock II2016-06-04 17:302016-06-04 22:302016-04-27 19:35:191/6View
LandpartieRainerRole play eventBlock I2016-06-04 11:002016-06-04 16:002016-04-27 19:14:003/6View
Der Kelch des LebensKalanniRole play eventBlock II2016-06-04 17:302016-06-04 22:302016-04-24 13:05:241/4View
Der Tempel der alten GötterMarcelRole play eventBlock I2016-06-04 11:002016-06-04 16:002016-04-24 11:46:100/3View
Das Schloss im WaldTillRole play eventBlock II2016-06-04 17:302016-06-04 22:302016-04-22 19:55:480/4View
Sie sind da draussen!TillRole play eventBlock III2016-06-04 23:00-2016-04-22 19:08:392/4View
Heu und RastTillRole play eventBlock I2016-06-04 11:002016-06-04 16:002016-04-22 18:29:512/3View


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